Friday, October 9, 2009

Tom Lukiwski Has the Nerve to Send Me Hate Mail? Damn-the-Torpedoes. This is War!

I seem to be getting tax payer funded hate mail on a weekly basis now, but from Tom Lukiwski? I thought Rob Anders was the worst of the dregs of the Reform-Conservatives that Brian Abrams would introduce us to. But Tom Lukiwski? I don't think so.

Of course when this video was released to the media he cried and cried and promised not do it again. Oh, and of course they took the matter very seriously. Are they taking this matter very seriously?

"The homophobic remarks were brought to the forefront, despite the fact that the transcripts; laced with profanity, also revealed sexist comments, jokes about planting a letter bomb, and other drunken ramblings. How John Baird felt about Lukiwski' comments, can only be imagined, but he took one for the team and it worked.

"We all became so focused on the MP's homophobia, that we overlooked the real issue; the one that Harper's Party needed to hide: Lukiwski's attachment to the Saskatchewan PC's. This was the party of Grant Devine, the premier whose government was so corrupt that criminal charges had to be laid, and several of his ministers, went to jail; including John Scraba (the architect of the scandal) and Eric Bernston, the former Saskatchewan deputy premier, who were also seen on the tape.

"However, Harper publicly forgave his fallen comrade and stated that he may have to pay for his sins at the polls. Then, in true Cons' fashion, knowing he would have to make Lukiwski's constituents forgive him before the next election, he bought them off.

"On May 21, 2008; it was announced that the small community of Regina Beach, where Lukiwski resides, would be receiving a windfall. The federal government would transfer the publicly owned wharf facility to the Town, and provide a $210,000 grant to be used to repair or replace it. "Our government understands the importance of wharfs and small craft harbours to small communities, which is why we have been working closely with them in the past two years to get done what is best for each." Why so much money to such a small community? Makes you wonder doesn't it? But Lukiwski won the election and is back on top, more or less."

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