Friday, October 23, 2009

Dimitri Soudas Uses the 'L' Word. Globe and Mail Says "Shut Up Dimitri"

Well little Dimi-Witty is at it again. Unable to explain away his party's corruption, he now says that it was all a Liberal plot. Yep. Apparently Michael Ignatieff and the Globe and Mail cooked up this little scheme to expose the Reform-Conservative corruption. Of course it had nothing at all to do with actual Reform-Conservative corruption.

The Globe and mail gave little Dimi-Witty a message. SHUT UP!!!

Little Dimi is in the video as a 'lobbyist'. Remember the so-called Accountability Act where lobbyists had to wait five years before they could be employed by the government? Another 'L' word 'Lie'! It took Dimi-Witty five minutes.

PMO's Dimitri Soudas "Should Shut Up"

I must have missed Soudas' talking point today, but it caught the attention of CTV. The fact that Soudas was reduced to playing the card he did, is quite telling and insightful. Soudas actually accused The Globe and Mail, which endorsed the Harper Conservatives the past two elections, of getting their stimulus cash spending direction from the Leader of the Opposition.

Think about that for a second? Soudas couldn't refute the numbers, the PMO couldn't devise a feasible counter argument, so they were reduced to manufacturing a vast "liberal media" consipracy defence.

Does this mean all the Ignatieff bashing and negative Liberal storylines being puked out by The Globe and Mail for the past weeks and months actually originated with the Liberals themselves? Liberals plotting their own demise, behind the "skirt" of their media organ? Hmmm, there's a plausible argument.

It's pathetic that Soudas went there, but from the Liberal perspective it's a great development. What it suggests is the PMO is becoming exacerbated, they're lashing out because they're losing the public relations battle. The arguments are starting to bite, and it's getting under their skin.

CTV Powerplay discussed this issue today. Obviously, The Globe and Mail laugh off the accusations. Craig Oliver went further, quite upset with Soudas for the mere suggestion. He advised Mr. Soudas that he "should shut up". I would advise Mr. Soudas to keep talking.

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