Friday, October 23, 2009

This Little Girl Should Be Writing Harper's Speeches, not Nigel Hannaford!

This young lady from Vancouver puts the Reform-Conservatives to shame. Harper thinks he's cute hiring a new speech writer who is not only an anti-gay rights activist, but a climate change denier. Well this young lady speaks far more sense than Nigel Hannaford.

"If you can't fix it, don't break it". Out of the mouths of babes ....

Do we have a budding prime minister in our midst?

Ottawa dashes hope for climate treaty in Copenhagen
Shawn McCarthy
Globe and Mail
October 22, 2009

Hope is vanishing that a historic deal to address climate change can be concluded in Copenhagen, and Environment Minister Jim Prentice says the best chance is for a political agreement that would pave the way for a treaty to be signed later.

But Canada will continue to insist that it should have a less aggressive target for emission reductions than Europe or Japan because of its faster-growing population and energy-intensive industrial structure, Mr. Prentice said in an interview Thursday.

Canadians must also recognize that any national emissions cap has to reflect differing conditions across the country so as not to punish high-growth provinces, he added. The minister has been consulting with provinces on a plan that would impose a cap on industrial emissions, but allow Alberta's energy-intensive, emissions-heavy oil sands to continue expanding.

“The Canadian approach has to reflect the diversity of the country and the sheer size of the country, and the very different economic characteristics and industrial structure across the country,” he said in a telephone interview.

However, Ottawa will not release its detailed climate-change plan, including its proposed emissions caps on large emitters such as oil sands and power plants, until there is more clarity on how the United States intends to proceed in global climate-change talks in Copenhagen in December, and on what an international treaty would look like, the minister added.

Liberal environment critic David McGuinty said the Harper government is avoiding responsibility for addressing climate change, both globally and domestically.

“We're negotiating without a plan” to achieve the reductions Ottawa has already committed to, he said. “They're ragging the puck, killing time and hoping to avoid the issue until after the next election.

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