Thursday, October 8, 2009

Jason Kenney, Anti-Semitism and Ten Foot Poles

"An in-depth story in 'The Report' magazine describes the key players in (Stockwell) Day's organization at the time. Calgary MP Jason Kenney was one of them. Kenney grew up mainly in Wilcox, Saskatchewan where his father ran a Catholic Boys school, then later studied humanities at the University of San Francisco, where he came under the influence of some of America's leading neo-conservative theorists." (Requiem for a lightweight: Stockwell Day and the Image of Politics, Trevor Harrison, Black Rose Books, 2002, ISBN: 1-55164-206-9, pg. 47)

A rather innocent sounding paragraph until we break it down. Jason Kenney actually attended the Jesuit College; an arm of the U.S. Religious Right, and a powerful force on the political scene.

One of the men who emerged from that college is John Hagee, co-founder of Christians United for Israel and a member of the Council for National Policy.

So when Mr. Harrison states that Kenney came under "influence of some of America's leading neo-conservative theorists," this should raise a red flag. There is nothing conservative about these guys. Instead they ascribe to a doomsday prophesy, that requires a nuclear attack on the Middle East. They are also some of the wealthiest and most powerful men in America.

Jason Kenney has come under the tutelage of Charles McVety, head of the Canadian chapter of Christians United for Israel, and is the 'go to' guy of the Religious Right; as they attempt to dictate policies, especially in foreign affairs.

According to Dr. Stephen Scheinberg, this group has found a willing partnership with what he refers to as the 'Harpercons'. "McVety and his associates are associated with the dispensationalist brand of the evangelical movement, a grouping sometimes termed Christian Zionists.

They are fundamentalists, believing in the authority of an error-free scripture ... In the words of theologian Stephen Sizer, they believe “that the boundaries of the land promised to Abraham and his descendants will be literally instituted and that Jesus Christ will return to a literal and theocratic Jewish kingdom centered on Jerusalem.” Of course, this will only follow on a great apocalypse, the battle of Armageddon and other such “benign events” which the dispensationalists, following God’s word, are mandated to implement. The appeal of these extremist Christians to the Jewish right is obvious, since the prophecies of the former cannot be implemented until the return of all the Jewish people to all the lands of ancient Israel."

According to one professor at McVety's Christian College, Reverend Dean Bye, "It is estimated that upwards of six million Jewish people are still dwelling in North America ... North American Jews must recognize they must all “return” to Israel and he warns: “the time of the U.S.A. being a safe haven for the Jews has ended!” . He adds that “we don’t throw them overboard [like Jonah] but lovingly assist them home to Israel.”

But as Dr. Scheinberg points out "... most of the Jewish community has not responded to his generous proposal that they leave their homes for aliyah to Israel," even if they are being 'lovingly assisted'.

Jason Kenney and Anti-Semitism

While the nuts are out looking for boats, Jason Kenney is suggesting that any criticism of Israeli aggression, will be deemed antisemitic and we could be charged with hate crimes. But what's more antisemitic than wanting to rid North America of Jews and shipping them to Israel where they will accept Christianity or meet some horrendous end, while the 'chosen' feel the 'rapture'? This sounds more David Duke than Jesus Christ.

But I have a theory. (You knew I would)

The forty-one-year-old Jason Kenney has announced that he is still a virgin. Now I've seen him and heard him talk, so I don't think this is necessarily by choice. Maybe he just got tired of women whacking him with ten foot poles. (Rob Anders also claims to be celibate. Ditto on the ten foot poles) Maybe Kenney isn't insane after all. It could just be sexual repression.

However, I don't think we should allow him to put any Jews in boats until he has experienced a little earthly rapture. Then when the blood returns to his brain, he may see the light. If that doesn't work, he needs to be removed from the general public, because he is clearly a danger to himself and others.

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