Monday, October 19, 2009

While Scandals Mount Public Outcry Becomes Deafening

I don't know how much longer the Reform-Conservatives can continue to sweep their scandals under the rug, and how much more spin the media can put on them until they get dizzy and fall on their faces; but the Social Media has got to pick up the slack in informing the Canadian public.

The Ref-Cons can't hide behind the 'sponsorship scandal' forever. That's done. It's been investigated and the guilty parties paid. Move on. Besides, as I've mentioned before, the infrastructure for Adscam was created by Brian Mulroney, not Michael Ignatieff.

But even Mulroney has been vindicated, because the Harper government is now officially the MOST CORRUPT GOVERNMENT IN CANADIAN HISTORY AND IT ONLY TOOK THEM FOUR YEARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I mentioned in a posting a while back that there was trouble brewing over more than $ 500,000.00 that went to a small private school in Collingwood, Ontario; to build an indoor soccer field. Naturally, residents are furious because their claim for upgrades to a hockey rink were turned down, despite the fact that theirs benefit the entire town, while the private school has a mere 156 students.

Well, it kind of reached a breaking point this past weekend, and has polarized a community.

Pretty River debate turns ugly

The debate over a government grant to build an indoor soccer field at Collingwood's Pretty River Academy (PRA) has turned ugly. Dueling on-line petitions, protests and countless letters to the editor have laid bare the issue of public money funding a private school and the apparent inability of Collingwood council to get its own recreation infrastructure projects approved.

With construction of the Pretty River Academy's soccer facility slated to start in two weeks, the debate shows no signs of dying down. The facility, which will feature artificial field turf and will be covered with a dome, will be open to the entire community, according to Abbey Stec, PRA's Administrator of Development ....

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