Saturday, October 17, 2009

Reform-Conservatives Say 'As Long As There is a Dollar Left to Steal .. It is Ours!!!!'

Young People Have taken to the streets in protest over the Reform Conservatives' latest plan to dot the landscape with billboards, singing the praises of their abuse of taxpayer money.

Not happy with the two million dollar self promotion website, or the 56 million dollar television and radio spots, or the Olympic team wearing their logo; they have found a couple of bucks left in the kitty, so now they are going to clutter the highways with, probably more pictures of Stephen Harper.

The young people in the photo will be paying for this, as will their children. Shouldn't they have a voice? The adults in the country are staying quit, so someone has to yell in a loud clear voice:


Tory billboard blitz sparks outcry

Thousands of billboards touting federal spending on urban renewal projects will be sprouting across the country in the weeks ahead as the Harper government continues a wholesale publicity blitz of efforts to counter the economic bust.

The Conservatives are planning to break new ground by using huge dollops of taxpayers' money to purchase billboards linking the Economic Action Plan announced in the Jan. 27 budget to infrastructure projects from one end of the country to the other, sources say ....

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