Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Michael Ignatieff Made a Wise Move in His Recent Hiring

Good news today, that Mr. Ignatieff has hired Peter Donolo, former communications director Jean Chrétien, to act as his chief of staff. He recently named Marc Garneau as Quebec lieutenant and these two moves should help in Quebec.

I know everyone has an opinion of the Cauchon/Coderre incident, but the Liberal leader was caught between a rock and a hard place. Maybe we can now finally move forward and put that whole nonsense behind us.

Ignatieff hires ex-Chrétien PR man as chief of staff
October 27, 2009
CBC News

Michael Ignatieff has hired veteran political strategist Peter Donolo to take over as the Liberal leader's chief of staff.

Donolo, who will be leaving his post at the Strategic Counsel, a Toronto polling firm, will replace Ian Davey, a longtime Ignatieff supporter.

Donolo was a communications director for former Liberal prime minister Jean Chrétien.

"Peter will be given carte blanche to clean house and do whatever he needs to do," one source, who asked not to be identified, told CBC News.

After CBC News reported the story, Ignatieff released a statement confirming the staff changes, saying Donolo "brings a wealth of experience to this role."

"Ian Davey has my gratitude for his enormous service in building this OLO team, and I am grateful for his continuing counsel. I know that we are a stronger Liberal Party because of his contribution and leadership," Ignatieff said.

Sources also say the party's next director of communications will be a francophone.

The changes come as Liberals continue to struggle in the polls and recover from the fallout over the internal dispute over who should get the party nomination in the Quebec riding of Outremont.

Denis Coderre, Ignatieff's former Quebec lieutenant, left his post over the dispute and accused Ignatieff of listening to advisers in Toronto who "know nothing about Quebec."

Ignatieff had initially supported Coderre's choice of Nathalie Le Prohon for the riding but then changed his mind and cleared the way for former cabinet minister Martin Cauchon, whom Coderre opposed, to get the nomination.

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