Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Views on Harperland: Politics of Control

From the book review:
In his latest release, Harperland, Lawrence turns his penetrating scrutiny on our current Prime Minister. Focusing on the growth of executive power under Harper and drawing on interviews with prominent insiders, he probes the smearing of opponents, the silencing of the public and diplomatic service, the secrecy, the prorogations, the unprecedented centralizing of power, and the attempted muzzling of the media. He examines the controversies—and lets readers draw their own conclusions. Tough but balanced, Harperland offers a clear picture of a skilled politician at a crucial point in Canadian politics.

Sharing some thoughts on the book itself and elaborating on the theme.

You have to give Lawrence Kudos, that he was able to pry this much information from the most secretive government in our history.

I agree with the review to a certain extent and love Lawrence Martin as a journalist and author.

The book is a must read for every Canadian.


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