Tuesday, October 13, 2009

If Harper Ever Lives in a Glass House - I Want the Shades Kept Closed!

Someone else is just as frustrated as I am over these ridiculous ten per centers that the Reform-Conservatives have been sending out AT OUR EXPENSE!

This one was probably the dumbest of them all. (Mine came from Rob Anders) First off 'Samurai Warriors' are honourable and fearless, and who cares anyway?

'Cosmopolitan', of course. I mean why would be want a Prime Minister who has seen the world and is well read?

But if he called himself 'horribly arrogant', doesn't that mean he's humbled? If someone else calls you 'horribly arrogant', it's a different matter.

But again. Who cares? We are in the middle of an economic crisis and this is how they feel they should be spending our money? I'm getting them on a weekly basis now, on behalf of Brian Abrams, the Ref-Con candidate who can't steal our money yet on his own.

But then the $ 10,000.00 or so it costs for these mail outs is chump change when compared to the 56 million tax dollars they have spent on partisan ads, to tell us how they are spending our money. I just learned that they also took out a full page ad in the New York Times! What the hell?

Why do people in New York care how he wastes our money? Is he now campaigning for the Republicans, suggesting that he is doing a better job than President Obama?

These guys have go to go! I want my country back!

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