Thursday, October 8, 2009

Reform-Conservative Pierre Poilievre Has Exposed a Secret Plan

A CBC producer received a strange phone call from Pierre Poilievre's office, putting out feelers for an election (which they want so bad), and hinting at a coalition. What was strange though, and sadly typical of this party's obsession with Michael Ignatieff, is that they only ever use his name. All the others are simply parties.

I can't believe that politics has stooped to this level, but to suggest that there is an 'Ignatieff/NDP/Bloc' coalition in the works, while the Harper government is being propped up by 'socialists', is nuts. If they continue with this insanity, they could reverse their recent gains in the polls. Take a deep breath little PP. You haven't won anything yet.

Ring! Ring! Good Evening ... Um, You Want An Election?
October 8, 2009
By Andrew Davidson
CBC News

So, there's this phone, see? And this phone just so happened to belong to a CBC producer in Ottawa. And last night, just as it was born to do, it RANG!

On the other end was an actual non-recorded human voice -- male -- conducting a poll on behalf of her local Conservative MP, Pierre Poilievre. Curious, she participated in the poll, which was clearly trying to gauge her interest in an election now and who she'd support -- while ever-so-subtly reminding her about the home renovation tax credit and federal infrastructure money to build the Strandherd Bridge in her riding, brought to her by the Harper government. (Brought to you by a 56 billion dollar deficit and counting)

The pollster was very quick and unscientific didn't ask her name, age or occupation, she said.

Said CBC producer also found the language used by the pollster interesting. He didn't use the word "Liberal," but used Michael Ignatieff's name. But when the pollster referred to the other parties, he did so by party name.

He also asked if she'd support the "Ignatieff-NDP-Bloc coalition" and was unresponsive when she asked him about the current Conservative-NDP interlude/bromance/whatchamacallit in the House of Commons."Really no sense of humour with these guys," our producer said.

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