Saturday, October 17, 2009

Maybe Harper Needs to Learn a New Song Because Michael Ignatieff Has More Friends

So much for the 'getting by with a little help from his friends'. This may be just a temporary thing, but as of today, Michael Ignatieff has more Facebook friends than little Stevie.

Maybe the Reform-Conservatives could sign a few more government cheques and buy him a few.

A really cute story from the Equivocator

This may seem trivial (as Michael Ignatieff is only up by 13 supporters) but PM Harper has been owning Michael Ignatieff on facebook* for a long time.

Stephen Harper has also been Prime Minister for 4 years and after his performance at an Elitist Art Gala there should logically be a facebook surge.

Recently, Michael Ignatieff engaged the grass roots on Clean-energy (ironically on the same day that the G77 countries walked out on Environment Minister Prentice when he spoke of gutting the new Copenhagen agreement) by posting the Liberal Party's Clean-energy platform on a Facebook note and asking for input.

So far there are 79 responses. President Obama (another Harvard Professor turned Politician) had strong grass-roots support especially among young voters. The MSM has ignored speech, after speech, after speech, after speech, after speech, after speech, after speech, after speech (not to mention the plethora of speeches Michael Ignatieff delivered over the summer that got no coverage at all.)

Hopefully social-media will allow Mr. Ignatieff and the Liberal Party to deliver their message directly to Canadians instead of through the media who have been playing interference for the Stephen Harper/Conservatives for four long, failure filled years.

So I'm not the only one who's noticed that the media has turned Reform-Conservative in hopes of getting a senate seat. Maybe we should abolish the senate and they'd start doing their damn jobs.

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