Monday, October 26, 2009

Reform-Conservatives to Run Atack Ads Against the Police

I recently mentioned that Jason Kenney's Canadian Taxpayer Federation was going to spend a lot of their tax-free dollars to push for an end to the gun registry. However, I've recently learned, that despite the fact that Canada's police chiefs say the gun registry is vital, the Reform-Conservatives will be running attack ads against any MPs who support our Chiefs of Police.

Of course, only in rural areas. They wouldn't dare pull that crap in urban centres, where gun control is a huge issue.

Just when you thought they couldn't be anymore un-Canadian, they outdo themselves. Unbelievable! Why don't we just start flying the stars and stripes and be done with it!

Tories step up gun registry fight

Conservatives are ramping up their fight to kill the gun registry with a series of hard-hitting ads targeting a dozen or more opposition MPs, Sun Media has learned. The series of radio spots to hit airwaves Monday will directly call on Liberal and NDP MPs in designated rural ridings to stand up for their constituents in a Nov. 4 vote to repeal the registry.

Conservatives expect the vote on C-391, a private member’s bill sponsored by Manitoba Tory MP Candice Hoeppner, will be “very close” due to vacancies in the House of Commons. While the objective of the ad buy is to twist the arms of some MPs, Conservatives also warn the recorded votes will be fodder for the next election campaign if C-391 is defeated.


Maybe the opposition members should record the votes of Reform-Conservatives running in Urban ridings.

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