Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Reform-Conservatives Guilty of the Largest Propaganda Campaign in Our History. And the Good News Is - We Are Paying For It!

And I thought their ten per centers were an awful abuse of tax dollars. But spending millions and millions of dollars on partisan advertising and charging it to taxpayers is horrendous, even for them. However, the scandals erupting over the way the money has been spent, also promise to be pretty damaging.

The Ref-Cons have been allowed a free ride, because being a new party, they didn't have to wear the sins of those before them. Therefore, it was easy to constantly bring up the sponsorship scandal, and claim the moral high ground.

However, if unfortunately, we ever elect another Reform-Conservative government; the opposition will be able to bring up not only the 'In and Out', the Cadman Affair and an illegal election. They will also be able to state the fact that this government was the most corrupt in Canadian history.

And they've set the bar pretty high (or pretty low depending on how you look at it), so they may hold the record for a great many years. Good job.

Tory ridings receive bigger slice of big-money stimulus cash: Research

OTTAWA -- Conservative ridings across Canada received more than their fair share of big-money stimulus projects paid for by taxpayers, an investigation into the Harper government's Economic Action Plan shows. The numbers -- drawn from Ottawa's own website -- bolster opposition allegations of pork barrelling in the multi-billion-dollar stimulus package, a charge the Tories deny.

An Ottawa Citizen-Halifax Chronicle-Herald investigation shows 57% of the projects, with more than $1-million in federal funding nationwide, went to Conservative ridings. The party holds only 46% of the seats in the House of Commons. Conservative ridings therefore received 23% more million-dollar-plus projects than if the projects were divided evenly among all ridings ....

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