Thursday, October 1, 2009

Canadian Athletes Banned From Playing For Canada

They now must play for 'Team Conservative'. Their competition's sweaters will say 'Just Visiting'.

The new Team Canada logo was revealed today and guess what? They aren't a Canadian logo at all. They are the Conservative logo, so I guess they only represent 1/3 of Canadians. I don't know who the rest of us are supposed to cheer for.

The Conservative conspiracy infiltrates Vancouver Olympics
National Post
Jeff Jedras
October 01, 2009

When people would say that Stephen Harper’s master plan was to hold onto power through the 2010 Olympic Games in Vancouver, and then ride the post-Olympic euphoria to electoral game and majority glory, I’d always scoff.

What does the Olympics have to do with confidence in the federal government, I’d ask? How, pray tell, would, say, gold in Men’s Hockey translate into gold for a guy who has just been talking about writing a book on hockey?

Well, I’ve been proven wrong, with the unveiling today of the new logos and clothing for Canada’s 2010 Olympic team. Now, the strategy of the Harper master plan is all too clear.

For fun, take a look at the following four items of clothing. Can you guess which are official Team Canada Olympic gear on-sale at The Bay, and which are official Conservative Party gear on-sale at their C-Store?

Opposition below and all the designs here. I think Jack Layton has ordered his 'Team Conservative' sweater in blue. He says that green and orange clash with his skin.

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