Monday, November 1, 2010

The Gun Registry is Working as Firearm Murders are Down

Homicide rates in the United States are two to four times higher than they are in countries that are economically and politically similar to it. During the 1980s and early 1990s, homicide rates surged in cities across the United States with firearm murders accounting for nearly all of the overall increase. (Wikipedia)

All Americans have the right to bear arms.

By contrast:
Homicide rates across Canada are stagnant and the number of them committed using firearms has dropped considerably, according to new figures that are raising questions about the Conservative government's tough-on-crime agenda.

The latest homicide study released Tuesday by Statistics Canada shows there were 179 firearm-related killings in 2009, 21 fewer than the previous year. Most of them involved handguns which are tightly controlled in Canada.
So why is Stephen Harper taking direction from the American NRA and promising not to "stop until he scraps the registry"? It boggles the mind.


  1. Why? You, of all people, Emily, ask why he won't stop until he scraps the gun registry?
    Because he's nuts.
    And he has no right to be leading the country or, as he would say, "ruling" the country! Surely his mad man/mad dog attitude is sufficient for a vote of non-confidence? Why aren't the other parties voting him out of there? As my father used to love to say, "We have the technology"!!
    Anyway, I know it was a rhetorical question, and you know far better than I why the Harpies do what they do, because you follow their every move, and I thank you for that.

  2. I wonder that myself Kay. But I suppose they want to make sure that they can win. It's a gamble and if a situation arose that gave Harper a majority it would be devastating.

    The electorate can be so fickle.