Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Helena Guergis No Longer a Conservative But Still Stealing Like One

On the same day that we learn a Harper MP is using tax dollars to campaign for his replacement, we also find out that Helena Guergis is using the skills she learned under Harper, to hose us again.

She is not campaigning for someone else, but herself. With OUR money!
Critics said the now Independent MP for Simcoe-Grey has not only crossed the line of what is acceptable, she also had the “bad judgment” to attach the postage paid, tear-off survey form to her annual Remembrance Day message.

“Why should we have to pay for this?” said Stanley Miller, a resident of Elmvale, Ont. who received the one-page mail-out, told the Toronto Star. Guergis told the Star Tuesday that she has been doing this for years and has never had it challenged by the House of Commons Board of Internal Economy.

Opposition critics say taxpayers shouldn’t have to pick up the bill for Guergis’ latest mail-out to 10 per cent of the households in her riding, given that they say it is an election survey in disguise.
Harper taught her well.


  1. Whenever I see her picture, I think of Sarah Palin. I wonder why.

  2. You're right. I never thought of Sarah Palin.