Thursday, November 18, 2010

Stevie Pulls a Fast One to Squash Climate Change Bill

Sneaky Stevie has pulled a fast one. Without announcing that there would be a vote he waited until he had more senators in the chamber and then forced one through, to put an end to the climate change bill.

How democratic.
An e-mail I received from the office of Bruce Hyer (the MP who introduced the Bill) explains: In an unprecedented move, the Conservatives
called for a surprise vote on
Bill C-311 in the Senate while many Liberal Senators were missing. While that isn’t a first, the fact that the bill was called for a vote before any debate or consideration could be held is unprecedented.

The Bill was first proposed in 2006 and finally passed in May 2010 with a majority vote by our elected politicians. Conservative Senators made a gutsy move to kill our Climate Change Accountability Act. Not only does the Senate decision hurt our standing in the international climate community (right before Cancun, really?!) but the decision undermines our democracy
And at CBC:
The Speaker of the Tory-dominated Senate, Noel Kinsella, voted against the bill, which had been passed in May by the House and went to the Senate for final approval. "Killing Bill C-311 shows a fundamental lack of respect for the many Canadians who care deeply about climate change. They had a right to have this bill debated properly," Mitchell said in a news release.
Our dictator has spoken and we loyal subjects must just shut up. He's got riot police and he knows how to use them.

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