Friday, November 26, 2010

Will WikiLeaks Hurt our Feelings or Damage Our Credibility?

The latest WikiLeaks are promising to be a diplomatic nightmare.
The U.S. government has notified Ottawa that the WikiLeaks website is preparing to release sensitive U.S. diplomatic files that could damage U.S. relations with allies around the world. U.S. officials say the documents may contain accounts of compromising conversations with political dissidents and friendly politicians and could result in the expulsion of U.S. diplomats from foreign postings.

Much of Stephen Harper's success has been based on the notion of an anti-American sentiment in Canada, and he has been trying to "patch things up".

Will we now find reason for not trusting them?

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  1. I noticed Pastor Stockwell Day Will Support the Liberals in BC nw Not only a Moderate now for Jesus But for the BC liberals also >Ive always been amazed how fast libs and cons inter change when the threat of Even wishy washy Moderate apologetic sorta Socialism Threatens them
    I thought at one time it may be fear but Im more inclined to see it as hate. When the Ontario right wing Liberals Slid in bed with Steve to kill the moderate central lefts chances of victory the y did it with little arm twisting after months of verbal abuse !OHHH Canada!