Monday, November 8, 2010

John McCain Criticizes the Cost Overruns of the F-35.

Despite criticism from all quarters, Stephen Harper is determined to go ahead with the purchase of the F-35s.

John McCain once said of these expensive and ill designed jets:
“I share our allies and friends’ deep disappointment about the cost overruns and the difficulties that have, we’ve experienced in development of this aircraft.” “It’s shameful almost the way that these cost overruns have continued in most major weapons systems that we develop in the United States. It’s got to stop.

It’s got to be fixed-price contracts. We’ve got to stop the cost-plus contracts.” “I can assure our friends that I will keep a very close watch on it, because the cost overruns so far have been absolutely outrageous.”
But this is Harperland. Expert opinions mean nothing to our king.

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