Monday, November 8, 2010

Police Won't Pursue Charges Against Fox News North

Despite the fact that adding fraudulent names to a petition is "a criminal act", the police have decided not to pursue the matter, of an alleged criminal act perpetrated by Fox News North.

Maybe Canadians need to go to the new Harper website where you can report being a victim of crime, because this was a direct attack on our democracy.

But there is some justice. Kory Teneycke was was forced to resign.

Of course he's now lobbing for the Australian takeover of our Potash industry.

What's with that guy and billionaires from down under? He just can't quit them.

I love the closing statement though:

"... supporters of the Sun TV bid, who complained bitterly that the Avaaz petition was designed to silence a new, right-wing voice in the Canadian news media."

A new right-wing voice? That's all we have now. How much more right-wing do they want the media to get?

We have not one single voice for Canada now. Not one.

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