Thursday, November 18, 2010

British Government Compensates Guantanamo Torture Victims. What Does Omar Get?

What a difference it is living in a democratic country.
Compensation payments and legal costs for 16 British citizens and residents who claim they were tortured at Guantanamo Bay could leave the Government footing a bill of up to £30m.

The decision to settle the costly case also raises concerns about Britain's true role in the torture of prisoners during the "war on terror".

The case ends an already damaging court battle between MI5 and lawyers representing Binyam Mohamed, who alleges that Britain knew he was being tortured at the hands of the Americans.
Britain does not disown her citizens. No matter where you are you are still a British subject.

In Harperland your citizenship depends on the mood of our humble leader. Just ask Omar Khadr.

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  1. Money or not, at the very least he deserves to come back to Canada and have his guilt or innocence decided by a Canadian court, not by the American military. No one should have to languish forever at Guantanamo.