Monday, November 29, 2010

Is the Harper Government Guilty of Insider Trading?

Greg Weston reports on a possible government leak that may have affect the trading of a B.C. gold mining stock.
Shares in Taseko Mines Ltd. mysteriously dropped almost 40 per cent in frantic trading on Oct. 14, more than two weeks before Ottawa announced it was blocking the firm's planned development of a controversial B.C. mine. Federal officials interviewed by CBC News on condition of anonymity said the unexplained crash of Taseko stock caused instant panic in the ministerial offices that were involved in reviewing the proposed mine. Everyone, they said, had the same fear — a government leak.
Weston also mentions the RCMP investigation of insider trading just before the former Liberal government's 2005 decision on income trusts sparked a political scandal that helped topple Paul Martin's administration.

However, we have since learned that that was a setup.


  1. Well, if this is another setup, I hope it doesn't get found out, so Harper can topple, too. Harper toppling could become my favorite sport.