Friday, November 5, 2010

Lawrence Cannon's Ego Cost Canadian Taxpayers 300 Million Dollars

Canadian taxpayers are on the hoof for 300 million dollars because the PMO forgot to tell Lawrence Cannon what to do.

He was told to sit down and shut up five years ago and has since been frozen in time.

I think Harper should implant computer chips and then he could direct them by remote control.
Canadian taxpayers are being forced to pay $300 million in more Conservative waste for the Harper government’s stubborn failure to negotiate with the United Arab Emirates, leaving the Canadian military to scramble to find a new airbase in the Middle East, Liberal Foreign Affairs Critic Bob Rae said today.

“Minister Cannon refused repeated requests to resolve a dispute that was on his desk for years, and now we’re stuck with a $300 million bill,” said Mr. Rae. “Snubbing the Ambassador of the UAE was a colossal miscalculation with costly results for both our military and taxpayers.”
Same old, same old.

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