Tuesday, November 30, 2010

If WikiLeaks is Classed as a Terrorist Organization Will it Give the Media an Excuse for Not Doing Their Job?

While Sarah Palin is headed to North Korea to stand with her allies, Republican congressman Peter King is suggesting that WikiLeaks should be designated a terrorist organization.

What will this mean for media reporting?

The Dallas News believes that they should do their job, but with a "but".
.. once such information becomes available, newspapers cannot simply ignore it. Instead, newspapers are charged with ensuring that there is true news value in what gets published.
So what will they consider to be news worthy? In a country where every fart of Paris Hilton's includes photos, videos and lively commentary, how can they not find news in the release of these documents?

Unless the U.S. revives some form of the Patriot Act, they have no excuse for keeping silent.

Meanwhile, WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, believes that a smear campaign has already begun.

It's quite possible. Isn't that what usually happens when troubling news is uncovered? Case in point in Canada, Richard Colvin.

Fred Kaplan believes that the leaks will actually show Obama in a better light, where he has attempted to use diplomacy in American foreign policy. That could be a good thing.

But I think what the leaks will show best, is top down Imperialism.

And on that note, enjoy this fun little video. I think it cleverly says it all.

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