Sunday, November 21, 2010

Ben West Just Made my Dream Parliament

What a remarkable young man. He is running for the Green Party and they are lucky to have him.

This week has been a real wake up call for Canadians. I know it has been for me. We have got to get this country back on track and we will do that by listening to smart people.

I don't care what party they are with, if they're smart and dedicated to bringing this country forward they have my vote.

I've had it with partisan nonsense and stupidity and bickering, and snipping and the media and Shelley Glover and Dimitri Soudas and Ezra Levant and war and corporate welfare and neoconservatism.

I may start my own anti-Tea Party movement. No corporations allowed. No morons allowed. No talk of war or guns or prisons. No spin, no crap, no posturing.

I watched Michael Moore's Capitalism, a Love Story, and at the end he sounded absolutely exhausted. He said that he had been fighting this movement for years and needed help. He put crime scene tape around Goldman Sachs, I think it was.

I feel like I should be putting crime scene tape around the Parliament buildings, because what is happening inside them is criminal.

I'm sorry, but I'm having a very bad day. Tomorrow I will put a fresh face on things but for tonight I'm just going to stay mad.


  1. You've got enough material in your blogs to sink Harper's ship of fools several times over, were it ever given wide media exposure - sure hope you have it backed up on your own equipment.

    Keep us mad .

  2. Thanks Aubrey. I do have most of it backed up. I had my hissy fit and feel much better today.

  3. Sounds like we're on the same page.

  4. Check out Ezra's website for his take on this. He has some fake (and really not funny) comedian apparently trying to make light of the whole debate. I didn't really get it, I thought the comedian was Ben West so I had to look him up and found this site. Special thanks to Ezra. Love your site, should keep me busy all winter!

  5. I can't stand Ezra Levant. He's like the Energizer Bunny on crack.