Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Stephen Harper on His 2010 Mime Tour

Stephen Harper has embarked on his "watch me
get out of the box
" tour.

He's decided that he can't simply tell us that we can no longer afford public healthcare because corporate tax cuts, military jets and more prisons are a necessity, so he's going to perform his little act.

Not that it's much of a stretch. It's not like he ever talks to us anyway.

And he got it off with a bang: Harper kicks off listening tour--by refusing to take questions

And to spice it up a bit he added a bit of magic: Few witness Harper's visit to city

This is so much better than healthcare, don't you think?


  1. Oh, yeah, much better. Why do we need health care when we can spend all our time high on natural adrenalin fueled by fury and fear?

  2. Yes and the good news is that in Harperland smoking is no longer bad for you.

  3. Harper's starting to sound more like Bush everyday...Pushing deficit cut backs to everyday folks but handing out huge tax cuts to large friendly corporations. Telling world leaders say NO to protectionism but practicing the opposite to protect his ministers in Saskatchewan.Is it any wonder why other world leader think Harper's full of hot air