Thursday, November 25, 2010

Harper Government Goes on Another Wild Spending Spree

Hospitality suites, taxis, limos. Our government is living the lifestyle of the rich and famous, while telling Canadians they must tighten their belts.

If we have to tighten them much more we'll be using a watch band to keep our pants up.
The federal government promised more oversight over bureaucratic spending Wednesday after QMI Agency reported more than $125 million was spent on hospitality expenses that included spa outings, golf club retreats and executive class travel during the past four years.
The feds promised more oversight? Over whom?

This is gluttony pure and simple. Gluttony at our expense.
Canada’s environment ministry may have been preaching green and clean, but political staff at Environment Canada spent more on greenhouse-gas emitting taxis and limousines than any other ministerial office in 2009, documents obtained by QMI Agency show.

Conservative staff employed in 16 ministerial offices spent $1,657,581.09 on taxis, limousines and car services since the Tories took office in 2006. That’s on top of the more than $20 million spent yearly on “motor car allowance” for ministers.

“There is a reckless and cavalier approach to limousines service use by this generation of Gucci-shoes Conservatives,” said NPD MP Pat Martin. “It’s almost a metaphor to their approach of handling the public purse.”
Who do they think they are? Corporations?

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