Friday, November 12, 2010

Liberals and Conservatives Now Tied in Polls, But Not Really

Latest news is that the Liberals and Conservatives are tied in the polls, but for anyone who follows these things, and Stephen Harper does, the results are always a bit skewed in his favour because of the West.

The progressive side is definitely gaining ground.

Time for an election? According to the Globe:
New federal seat projections suggest it’s becoming increasingly difficult for Michael Ignatieff’s Liberals and Jack Layton’s NDP to resist a vote of no-confidence and a trip to the polls.

The projections, based on a new EKOS Research poll released Thursday, show the two opposition parties are “tantalizingly close” to being able to combine forces and form a majority in the House of Commons were an election held today.
I say let's have at it.


  1. Yes, yes, yes. Let's go. I've been clamoring for a no-confidence vote and here's our chance.

    Go, Michael. Go, Jack.
    Let's go on the attack!!
    Down with Harper and his cronies
    We all know that they're just phonies!
    Get the Greens and get the Bloc, get the independents, too
    Tell Harper "We've had enough of you!"
    Ohhhhhhh, Canada!!

  2. It is also very possible that hardcore Conservative supports (i.e. the conservative base) are abandoning them for nobody, as they would rather have a "true" Reform Party. After all, spending is at an all-time high right now even under Harper.