Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Is Harper's Iron Fist Starting to Rust?

An interesting piece yesterday by CBC's Scott Reid: Harper's caucus control unravelling.

Seems that the natives may be getting restless, and are planning a revolt.

Of course a revolt in Harper's caucus could just mean that Dean Del Mastro will pick out his own tie (Harperland) without being reduced to a snivelling heap in the corner.
Hard as it might be to believe, Stephen Harper has a brewing discipline problem. One that promises to make the balance of this current mandate trickier to navigate. One that, even more importantly, could seriously affect Harper's tenure as the leader of his party after the next election.

For a guy who has ruled over his cabinet and caucus with all the tenderness of a saltwater crocodile, the very notion of open pushback seems impossible. But after five years in office, there are unmistakable signs that his iron-fisted rule over all things Conservative is beginning to rust.
Can't wait to see who will replace him. After all Genghis Khan is dead.

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  1. It would be a wonderful implosion. Nature abhors a vacuum, I'm constantly surprised that Harper's head hasn't collapsed.