Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Tories Detest Julian Fantino. The Neocons Love Him.

"In August of 2006, Peter Shoniker, former Ontario crown prosecutor; pleaded guilty to money laundering and theft. The case came about after an undercover RCMP agent caught Shoniker on tape suggesting that he could launder money easily since he was "untouchable" by the police.This claim was not without merit, since he had been personally responsible for Julian Fantino being named the Toronto Chief of Police."
That was the start of a piece I posted in June, before Julian Fantino decided to run for the Neocons in the riding of Vaughn.

News is that Canada's Tories detest the man, and if we still had a Tory Party at the federal level, I'm sure he would be kicked out on his rump.

But we don't, and he won't.

A little light reading as the country formerly known as Canada, plunges deeper into the bowels of hell. The police state capital of the world.

Tory supporters slam Fantino’s bid for MP

Fantino defends his no-show at all-candidates' debate

Fantino blasted for dissolving plainclothes unit

Anti-Fantino group changes name to register as third party for byelection

I'm not normally of fan of Christie Blatchford. As an embedded journalist she often cheered from the sidelines for the War in Afghanistan, but she's spot on in this interview with Michael Coren (video below).

But if Rob Ford can get elected, so can Fantino.


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