Sunday, November 21, 2010

Michael, Michael, Michael. Decriminalize Marijuana Good. Extend War Bad. Talk to Me.

This should have been a good week for the Liberals.

Michael Ignatieff had agreed to decriminalize marijuana for personal use. It got Shelley Glover in a flap and anytime we can get that ditz in a flap is a good week.

That move would have brought out young voters.

Dictator Harper squashed a climate change bill voted on by Parliament and supported by the nation.

He single handedly extended our WAR by three years. We were angry.

So why Mr. Ignatieff, did you and Bob Rae agree to support this arbitrary move? If you had your reasons then you should have presented them. You should have demanded a vote in Parliament on an issue of such importance.

We are not prepared to replace one dictator with another, so please talk to us and do it soon. No rhetoric. Demand that this goes to Parliament and debate it. We can accept nothing less.

Canadians are tired of war and we're tired of Harper. We want an alternative and Jack Layton can't cut it. I thought you could. Give me a reason to believe that you can, and you can't do that by agreeing with this horrendous decision.

We don't need war, we need jobs. We need a strategy to end poverty.

I'm not ready to change parties, because I believe the fundamentals are sound. But damn it, fix this.

Three words: NO MORE WAR!!!!


  1. Oh NO. Ignatieff AGREED about extending the war?
    I give up.
    I'm going to move, well, there must be SOME country whose government makes sense.

  2. Hear, hear!!!! No More War!!!!
    The green green grass of home ~ Good on both levels!!!

  3. I'm trying to make sense of it because the Cons have been able to cleverly use this against us, so that they are claiming that Harper only announced the extension to appease the Liberals. It's false but perception is everything. I want him to come out and say that this must go to Parliament.