Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Harper Government Now Advertising on Porn Sites to Attract Soldiers

This is wrong on so many levels I don't even know where to begin.
At least two federal government agencies spent money advertising on websites featuring soft pornography, files obtained by QMI Agency show.

The Department of National Defence was also trying to verify Tuesday whether it had unintentionally placed an ad on a hard-core pornography site.

In advertising its recruitment drive to 18-to-34-year-olds, DND received quite a few hits from a placement on, a tamer site featuring Britney Spears’ “Nasty Panty Flash,” Blake Lively’s “Kinda See Through” dress and photos of Rihanna suggestively touching herself. DND also bought keyword search terms for their online advertisement, including “James bond girls,” “poor man’s James bond” and “can t find a jobs.”
"Nasty Panty Flash" to recruit Canadian soldiers. What are they recruiting? Rapists?

Oh, but it gets worse:
The Canadian Islamic Congress’ national president Wahida Valiante took offense that the Conservative government had also selectively paid for the search term “Christian values.” “What about Jewish values and what about many other values? We are supposed to be living in a country where church and state are quite separate,” she said.
Sorry Wahida, but we're living in Harperland, where porn is used to attract soldiers and bigotry to marginalize citizens.

130 million dollars on advertising and links found on government websites that direct you to pictures of naked women. So much for those "Christian values".


  1. It keeps getting worser and worser, Pooh, said Eeyore.

    Worser and worser? asked Pooh, who hadn't noticed.

    Yes, said Eeyore, and I don't think we've hit bottom yet.

  2. Somehow this doesn't surprise me at all...

  3. How come I'm shocked at ANYTHING the Harper government would do?