Monday, November 29, 2010

More Than Half of Canadians Believe That Pot Should be Legalized

A recent poll reveals that Canadians would like to legalize marijuana, which means that they do not support Harper's tough on crime laws, that increase penalties for those nabbed with a plant or two.
"Half of Canadians (50%) support the legalization of marijuana, while 44 per cent are opposed," Angus Reid reported on Monday. "Respondents in Manitoba and Saskatchewan (61%), British Columbia (54%) and Ontario (51%) are all in favour of legalizing marijuana, while the lowest level of support is seen in Alberta (45%)."

However, support for legalizing other drugs is remarkably low, with Angus Reid reporting that "nine-in-ten Canadians disagree with legalizing other drugs, such as ecstasy, heroin, crack cocaine, powder cocaine, and methamphetamine or "crystal meth".
Of course we don't want to legalize harder drugs, but a drug strategy must hit at the root of drug addiction, including alcoholism. Not just punishment.

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