Tuesday, November 23, 2010

That's What I'm Talking About Mr. Layton. David Lewis Would be Proud.

I had posted a while back, suggesting that Canadians needed to revive the Committee for an Independent Canada, a grassroots movement formed in the early seventies, who were afraid that the Liberal Party was moving to the right and was blind "to the sale of Canadian resources to foreigners".

NDP leader David Lewis campaigned against corporate greed, with the slogan "corporate welfare bums" in response to those who felt that Trudeau's increase in UI premiums was creating a sub-culture of "welfare bums".

And it worked. In 1972, the Liberal Party was reduced to a minority, with Lewis's NDP holding the balance of power. But the most important accomplishment was that they steered the Liberal Party to the left, moving us toward a Just Society.

From my keyboard to some deity's ears, I guess, because Jack Layton is now coming out against corporate tax cheats.
Jack Layton is demanding the Harper government crack down on sleazy millionaires who hide their fortunes in offshore tax havens. “Mr. Harper cannot keep standing by while the wealthy tax cheats and the biggest corporations ... essentially take tax dollars out of the pockets of hard-working Canadians,” the NDP Leader told reporters Tuesday. “It’s not right.”
Harper's new, so-called, tough on crime laws, only target this country's most vulnerable.

The Corporate Welfare bums and tax cheats, flaunt their "stolen goods", and no one arrests them.

This is what the progressives needs to do. Michael Ignatieff has already promised to stop the new corporate tax cuts (theft of taxpayers money), and now Jack Layton is promising to close up tax loopholes.

This could be the start of a movement to restore sanity to this country.

The term "Corporate Welfare Bums" needs to become part of our vernacular, and the centrepiece of the next election campaign. They have not kept up their part of the bargain. They caused the economic downturn, but we are the ones who have to pay for it.

I'm sick of reading "record profits" in the headlines. Enough is enough.

Toronto's new mayor, Rob Ford, did not put any "Lefties" in his government. Good. I would have kicked them out of my Karl Marx Chai Party.

I'm kidding. Don't tell Jason Kenney. He's likely to slip in his own spit. Have you seen him when he gets flustered?

This is not a socialist issue but a Canadian one. We need to turn this county around for the benefit of Canadians, and we need all parties from the centre and left to work in tandem.