Friday, November 5, 2010

Oil Companies Record Massive Profits and Harper Still Wants to Give Them OUR Money

The news that Canada's oil companies are rolling in the dough, is not really news.

But what should be news is that Stephen Harper still wants to convince us that he needs to give them billions of dollars in tax cuts, while the rest of us are expected to tighten our belts.

And when Michael Ignatieff announced that the Liberals would cancel those tax cuts, the corporate sector actually has the nerve to make plans to run attack ads against him.

They're threatening job losses and warts and locusts, and all kinds of things if they don't get their way.

According to Jeff Jedras:
The business lobby is planning an ad campaign to attack any reversal of the tax cuts, brandishing the usual fear-mongery cudgel of competitiveness and job loses, messaging echoed by the Conservatives. And with the need for simple messaging in mind, the Liberals are presenting it as a simple choice: tax cuts for businesses or investment in home care, education and pensions?
Hmmm. OUR money going to rich or to healthcare, education and pensions ... I can't decide.


  1. Yeah, tough call.
    Unfortunately, it might be a matter of the best ad campaign wins.

  2. What Lawrence Martin calls a "bumper sticker mentality".