Monday, November 22, 2010

Jim Flaherty Says That Corporations Have Cleaned Out The Cupboards.

"Corporate welfare bums" are begging Jim Flaherty to give them more money, but Flaherty says that the cupboard is bare.
Finance Minister Jim Flaherty vows to resist pressure from interest groups and opposition parties to spend “recklessly on new schemes” for next year’s budget. “This year must be different,” Mr. Flaherty told the Oakville Chamber of Commerce in a lunchtime speech Monday. “We will not make significant new government spending commitments this year that would trigger bigger deficits and higher taxes.”
So the "corporate welfare bums" will have to go elsewhere for their bling. Canadians have no money left. They've bled us dry. They'll just have to make that Mercedes last another month or two.

Wait a minute ... what?

Oh, I guess he found a pile of cash in the junk drawer, because the "corporate welfare bums" with their hands out, are still going to get their cash.

Whew. That was close. I was really worried about their well being.

But those damn poor people need to stop complaining. Do they have thousands of dollars to contribute to Flaherty's next campaign? No. Who do they think they are?


  1. I remember when the only ones who got bailed out by the feds were the CBC, Air Canada, and the Canada Council, and I'm pretty sure Stephen Harper doesn't want the Canada Council, because the grants go to those damned intellectuals. I don't know about the CBC and Air Canada, although I'm sure time will tell.

  2. Robert Kennedy once said: "America is now a land of socialism for the rich and brutal capitalism for the poor."

    I think that now defines Canada.