Monday, November 22, 2010

Stephen Harper, Eric Cantor and High Treason

Treason is the crime of the betrayal of one's sovereign or nation. A person who commits treason is known in law as a traitor. High treason is criminal disloyalty to one's government.

When then prime minister Jean Chretien opted to keep Canada out of Iraq, Stephen Harper and Stockwell Day wrote a letter to the Americans which was published in several U.S. newspapers, including the Wall Street journal.
Make no mistake, as our allies work to end the reign of Saddam and the brutality and aggression that are the foundations of his regime, Canada's largest opposition party, the Canadian Alliance will not be neutral. In our hearts and minds, we will be with our allies and friends. And Canadians will be overwhelmingly with us. But we will not be with the Canadian government. Modern Canada was forged in large part by war -- not because it was easy but because it was right.
That was an act of betrayal of one's sovereign or nation. Because regardless of their personal feelings, as Members of Parliament they must support the wishes of the government and the country. Canadians did not want to be in that war as polls overwhelmingly confirmed.

Had they sent letters to Canadian papers, it would have been different, but they went to a foreign country to let them know that their party would stand with stand with them, and not with us. Stephen Harper took this even further when he appeared on Fox News to deliver the same message.

More recently, as leader of this country, Harper pledged his undying loyalty to Israel, again over the wishes of Canadians, including many Jewish Canadians, who prefer a more balanced approach to foreign affairs. There is also a movement to silence us from criticism against this foreign country. And when we were upset over the murder of aid workers by Israel, Harper hosted a visit by the Israeli prime minister, telling him he regretted that the "unpleasantness" delayed his arrival.

Now shocking news from the United States, reveals that soon-to-be House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, has told Binyamin Netanyahu, that he will stand with him against the American president.
Cantor huddled with Netanyahu just prior to the Prime Minister's meeting with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Clinton was expected to reaffirm the American commitment to Israeli-Palestinian negotiations and opposition to Israeli settlement expansion. Cantor wanted Netanyahu to know that he had his back.
That is high treason, criminal disloyalty to one's government. Because despite how Cantor may personally feel his job is to uphold his nation's sovereignty, not pledge allegiance to another.

How far are the Republicans prepared to go in support of this foreign country over their own? How far will Stephen Harper go to support them both?

I think we may already know the answer.

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