Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Harper Government Ignores Employment Equity to Fulfill an Agenda

If there's anything that Neocons hate, it's equity of any kind.

So being on the oh so lukewarm seat, over their hiring practices barely gets a ripple.
Canada’s staffing watchdog has quietly admonished the Harper government for ignoring employment equity laws and discouraging departments from barring who can apply for federal jobs by race, gender or disability.

Maria Barrados, president of the Public Service Commission, waded Friday into the government’s politically-charged review of employment equity hiring practices with a cautiously-worded letter to departments. It reminded them the law allows managers to limit jobs to any of the four equity groups —women, visible minorities, disabled and aboriginals. They must, however, have the skills to qualify for the jobs.
One Conservative senator is speaking out:
Conservative Senator Donald Oliver, an outspoken champion of employment equity, argues the government couldn’t meet its targets without the practice and to further limit it would erode progress and even undermine the law. “We would be starting all over again. It doesn’t make sense to gut that law … and we can’t do it without these special tools and measures,” he said.
But it won't matter. In Harperland there is only one voice.

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