Saturday, July 3, 2010

Why Harper's Plan to Feed the Wealthy and Starve the Poor Won't Work

An interesting interview about the G20 and further proof that if Harper is around much longer our social safety net will be gone, while all benefits from this beautiful country will go to wealthy multinationals.

The fact that he fought so hard against the Robin Hood tax which would have meant pennies to the world's wealthiest, will instead be devastating to the remaining 97% of the population.

The U.S. Christian Coalition is already claiming a victory for Canada, suggesting that our government has promised them that they will be scrapping public health care since it is no longer affordable.

How can it be no longer affordable? Jim Flaherty gave our banks 200 billion dollars, which included a 125 billion dollar buyback of sub-prime mortgages.

The banks are now recording record profits and paid their executives 8 billion dollars in bonuses.

And they can't afford health care?

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