Saturday, July 17, 2010

T-Shirts. Get Your Michael Ignatieff T-Shirts

Nadine Lumley has created this T-shirt that all Michael Ignatieff supporters should have.

You can purchase them at the 'I'm Voting for Michael Ignatieff Shop'. There are a great many other items available that are just a commitment to unseating the destructive Harper's NeoCon party.

You don't have to be a Liberal supporter because she has a nice selection. But if you're not a Liberal supporter, you and I should talk. (my bad)

I've decided that it's not good enough to simply expose the Reform-Conservatives, but that I also must start to work toward promoting their replacement.

I am still a fan of both Jack Layton and Elizabeth May, and Libby Davies remains my favourite MP; but this next election we can't afford to split the vote. When Michael Ignatieff is prime minister, he won't get a free ride. I will keep him on his toes.

And remember in the summer of 2005, Mike Harris began a 'Dump Harper' campaign hoping to replace him with Tony Clement, while Nicole Eaton was having parties for Jim Flaherty, hoping that he would replace the hapless Harper, who despite having combined the two right-wing parties, was sitting at 23% in the polls with a 14% approval rating.

We can do this by working together for positive change. Four more years of Stephen Harper is not an option.


  1. Based on feedback from CRUSH members I will be adding more designs to the Big Ig store soon.

    The merch. where I bash Stephen HarperCon is here:

    Help get the word out re the danger that Harper's Government of NeoCon thugs is doing to my beloved Canada.

    Publish this on your local craigslist.

  2. Thanks Nadine. I'll try to set up all of the links on my sidebar