Monday, July 26, 2010

I Agree. Stephen Harper is the Most Dangerous Prime Minister Ever

There is a letter to the editor published in the Ottawa Citizen by Harvey Davey:
I taught Canadian history for more than 30 years. I marvel at Harper's successes. Yes, he has made some serious blunders but they have not stopped him. He learns from his mistakes. I believe that Stephen Harper is the most dangerous prime minister we have ever had. The Opposition must get its act together.
I think that Michael Ignatieff has found his feet. This summer tour was a great idea. He is relaxed and motivated and I'm feeling optimistic.

Stephen Harper is burning himself out, governing from crisis to crisis. And as more people have joined the opposition to his gutting the mandatory long from, we have more voters who will tell other voters that these guys have got go.
The National Statistics Council issued an urgent call for the federal Conservatives to reconsider their decision to scrap the mandatory, long-form census.

The council, a 40-member volunteer advisory group whose members are selected by the federal government, said Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s decision would undermine the value of the information that Canadian businesses, governments and social agencies rely on to plan their programs and invest private and taxpayers’ dollars.

Loss of the information from the mandatory, long-form census in 2011 would leave “a serious gap” in monitoring the economic and social changes occurring in society while “depriving Canadians of the statistics they need for informed decision-making,” Ian McKinnon, chair of the council, said.
Catch 22 Conservatives, a grassroots group mobilizing for the next election, has posted a great satirical piece on the census. Well worth the read. Join them as well. The more the merrier.

And don't forget Canadians Rallying to Unseat Stephen Harper.

We can do this guys.


  1. Here's a great quote by someone responding to Davey in the Citizen: "Apart from Hitler's national socialism and Mussolini's communist-inspired fascism, social engineering is de facto a left-wing phenomenon as in revolutions led by Danton-Robespierre, Lenin, Mao, and Pierre Elliott Trudeau."

    The writer intends to inoculate Harper from wrongdoing by asserting the 'de-facto left-wing' nature of social engineering... as evinced by three left-wing revolutionaries and one highly contestable inclusion, and explicitly excluding... two of the most paradigm historical examples of social engineering on the right.

    Just another example that the Conservative agenda is fed on misguided and misguiding rhetoric.

  2. I agree. Besides Hitler was not a socialist. He was as right-wing as you can get. He only added the term 'socialist' to his German Worker's party to draw in the masses. He hated socialists. If you read news articles before he came to power, his party was always referred to as the 'Fascist Brown Shirts'.