Friday, July 23, 2010

Stephen Harper's G-20 Debacle Now Includes Sexual Assaults

Before anyone suggests that the police are incapable of such misdeeds, I will remind you of a recent report:
An internal RCMP report shows that 56 members of the force were formally disciplined during the 2008-2009 fiscal year for a range of code of conduct violations, including soliciting a prostitute, sexual assault, masturbating in a vehicle and impaired driving.
So when allegations are made that women were sexually assaulted during the G-20 from hell, we have to take them seriously.
Allegations of abuse by women detained during the G20 summit are included in an alternative report presented Thursday into how Toronto police investigate sexual violence against women. “The word of the police is not reliable,” said the activist known as Jane Doe at a news conference Thursday to detail those allegations. Women “hesitate to come forward because of fear of violence.”

The police watchdog is promising an investigation, but this is one situation that will require more than a rug and a broom.

1.3 billion dollars was spent so that the police could target, arrest and beat up anyone who opposes Harper's reign of terror, and I will stay on this like Jason Kenney on a gay man.

The group demanding a full public inquiry now has 56, 129 members and growing. Please join and show your support.

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