Saturday, July 17, 2010

Update on Stephen Harper's G-20 Nightmare

The above video is from a news report where the commentators are wondering where the police are during all of this vandalism. We now know that the reason there were no police present was because they were given orders not to touch them.

Stephen Harper needed those photos to justify 1.3 billion in security, the highest ever paid by any country for any G-20. Last year the U.S. spent 30 million.

Why so many riot police when they were told only to arrest and beat up civilians doing their civic duty?

I guess you'll have to ask Harper, but good luck with that. He hasn't answered a question in 4 1/2 years, why would he start now?

There are many planned protests, including one in Hamilton.

A diverse group of Hamiltonians are organizing a local rally to push the Ontario government to call a public inquiry into the security debacle at the G20 summit. Sitting at a table at the Sky Dragon Centre last night to plan Saturday's rally at Gore Park was a teacher, musician, a professor, a student, a consultant who's also a NDP federal candidate, two pensioners and a German visitor.

They've all been drawn together over their disgust at the way legitimate protesters were treated by police in Toronto during the summit at the end of June. More than 900 people were arrested by police on the last day of the summit, the largest mass arrest in Canadian history. It followed a day where black clothed and masked protesters, radical anarchists, caused mayhem in downtown Toronto and police didn't appear to react.

And the group demanding a full public inquiry is now just 8 shy of 55,000 members. Be sure to join and show your support.

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