Sunday, July 11, 2010

Jason Kenney up to His Old Tricks. May His God Strike Him Down.

When Jason Kenney was head of the Canadian Taxpayers Federation he lobbied hard against any money going to multiculturalism and demanding an end to the immigration of "undesirables". In the Neoconservative world, this made him a perfect selection to head up Multiculturalism and Immigration.

He has on the other hand, increased the flow of migrant workers, and if they don't do what the big boss tells them to do (including S.E.X. as one woman discovered after being shipped back when she refused her "master"), Kenney launches work place raids and ships them back in the dead of night, without opportunity to even inform family or friends.

It is hard to write an article about Conservative Immigration Minister Jason Kenney's attacks on Canadian racialized communities. As soon as one draft is complete, Kenney is at it again, spinning new lies and venting hateful rhetoric. In a federal cabinet chock-a-block with unsavory characters, Kenney stands first in line. Kenney has expanded his use of arbitrary power and has moved with stealth to significantly reduce the number of family-class immigrants applying from countries of the Global South. While on the one hand Kenney and the Conservatives portray themselves as the friend of immigrant communities, their administrative edicts to Citizenship and Immigration Canada and legislative changes have resulted in the door being shut on immigrants' hands.The most recent step has been a ramped-up Conservative attack on immigrants in early April using workplace raids of unprecedented size and scope.

Another attempt at making the rich richer and the poor, poorer.

Using the distraction of police violence against protesters that was on display at the G20 Summit marches in Toronto, the Canadian government once again affirmed their commitment to the movement of people across their borders only as cheap and replaceable labour. On Saturday, June 26, Citizenship and Immigration Canada announced changes to immigration policy that further restrict immigrants from obtaining residency in Canada through permanent and meaningful employment. This change follows a long line of policy changes that are designed to bring in more temporary migrants while restricting those and other migrants from having safe employment and a chance to obtain permanent residency in Canada.

The new change to immigration policy restricts residency applicants to applying only if they have arranged employment or have experience in 29 specific occupations. Previously, there was no upper limit to applications, the criteria for residency was broader, and work experience in over 38 occupations was accepted. The change highlights four broad patterns that have played out in Canadian immigration policy over the past few years. First, Jason Kenney, the Citizenship and Immigration Minister, has charted a course for Canadian immigration policy that treats migrants as disposable labour. Under the new policy changes, temporary foreign workers and students are no longer eligible to apply for residency even if they have the necessary points for immigration. Instead, they are rewarded for their contribution to the Canadian economy with a "thank you" and "good-bye" from the government.

It's a good thing Kenney isn't a believer in the teachings of Jesus of Nazareth, because if he was alive today he would be fighting hard against Kenney's evil. Maybe he'll just get his father to strike him down. Of course, the electorate could do the same thing. If we can't get rid of Jason Kenney at the polls, we can at least ship his party to the other side of the room where they can do less damage.

His horrendous policies are legitimizing slavery.

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