Thursday, July 15, 2010

Sorry University of Toronto. You Can't Have Him. He's Got a More Important Job To Do

Apparently the University of Toronto is courting Michael Ignatieff to head up their Munk Centre.

But unless they can hold the job for a decade or so, he's going to be busy getting this country back on track.

My husband shook his hand yesterday and told him that Canada needs him. He looked hubby in the eye and said "I'm not going anywhere".

He's certainly well qualified for the U of T job, after heading up the Human Rights Department at Harvard, but he's better qualified as a Canadian to head up this country.

So all aboard the Ignatieff Express, but first I've got a bit of juicy gossip. Tilly O'Neill-Gordon told Dean Del Mastro who told Jason Kenney who told Rona Abrose who told Gail Shea; that Stephen Harper has not had one single job offer for the fall when he finds himself unemployed.

But remember, you didn't hear it from me.