Monday, July 19, 2010

Dean Del Mastro's Replacement Calls Evangelists Special Interest Groups

When Dean Del Mastro was trying to defend the abuse at the G-20 and the cancellation of the census long from, it was almost painful to watch. When Tony Clement began just making stuff up, we thought, OK. It's Tony Clement. It's what he does.

But now Maxime Bernier has referred to Evangelicals as "Special Interest Groups":
"The census in recent years has become very important for churches and religious understanding their neighbourhoods, and how to intelligently do more outreach within their neighbourhoods," Rick Hiemstra, director of the Centre for Research on Canadian Evangelicalism, told The Canadian Press. "What we have now is the potential of losing that information and losing the historical comparability of the data. We're not going to be able to understand how the religious landscape in Canada is changing."

Bernier doesn't agree. "If some special interest group wants data on Canadians, they can do that, they can pay for that and they can do it," he said.

Hey Max. have you read Armageddon Factor? Those "special interest groups" are the only thing keeping you in power buddy.

Well that's three down. How many more before hell freezes over and Stephen Harper comes out and explains himself?

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