Saturday, July 31, 2010

Defense Department Vandalism Traced to Cold Lake Alberta

I posted about the defense department trying to hack into Wikipedia to change a story on the jets the Reformers want to buy. They not only tried to change the story but they hurled insults at Michael Ignatieff.

Harper has just ruined everything we once respected. The RCMP, the police and now the military, all for partisan politics.

The Ottawa Citizen has traced the vandalism to Cold Lake Alberta. Some people need to be fired over this, including Peter Mackay.
The mystery of who at the Defence Department has been vandalizing information on a Wikipedia website critical of the Conservative government’s decision to spend billions on a new stealth jet is now centred on the busiest fighter base in the country.

Defence Department information technology specialists haven’t yet been able to determine where the computers being used to alter the Wikipedia site are located, according to department officials in Ottawa. But using a readily available search engine on the Internet, the Citizen has tracked the locations of the three computers to CFB Cold Lake, Alta. The base is expected to be a major centre for the Joint Strike Fighter (or JSF) the Harper government wants to buy.

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