Sunday, July 11, 2010

Stephen Harper Begins Act of Eliminating Canadian Concerns

We have a man who has been paying $75,000.00 a pop to spy on Canadians while on-line, but claims that expecting people to answer a detailed census questionnaire is too much of an intrusion.

Am I the only one who thinks he might be a little nuts?

There are a great many Canadian organizations extremely upset with this because those stats are used when developing programs, and help businesses to plan for the future.

It's not too difficult to see what is happening here. This government has no intention of planning for the future, and don't need stats to determine which social programs need funding. They plan to have none.
The national census, conducted every five years, consists of two parts. Eighty per cent of households must fill out a short form recording age, sex, marital status, language, etc. The remaining fifth must fill out the long questionnaire — place of birth, immigrant status, education, employment, income, housing, ethnicity, language, mobility, child care, etc.

The data from the second is used by businesses to figure out what products and services to market to whom and where, down to the neighbourhood level. It’s used by governments and the broader public sector to tailor services to the population — daycare, schools, hospitals, seniors’ homes, recreation services, police and fire protection, public transit, etc.

It’s “the mother ship of all surveys,” says Armine Yalnizyan, senior economist at the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives. Adds Craig Alexander, chief economist at Toronto-Dominion Bank: “It’s absolutely crucial from a public policy point of view.”

Stephen Harper's and Guy Giorno's dreams are coming true. A country owned by multinationals where everyone is left to their own devices. Just don't touch their stuff because they've got private super prisons waiting to cash in.

This is an absolute nightmare. How did we let this happen?

Remember this song, when Canada was a nice little democracy. When we were respected and our only criticism was that we were too nice. Guess we can kiss those days good-by.

Enjoy the video. Herr Harper is listening and the message is already being fed into command central.

"Boss ... we found one ... another person who still loves Canada."

"Well that's gotta' stop. Where's my riot police? You know what happens when someone loves Canada, don't you?"

"Yes boss. They can't stand you."

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