Thursday, July 29, 2010

Stephen Harper Gets Failing Grade on the Environment

But how do you get a failing grade on a class you never participated in?
More than three out of four leading Canadian bureaucrats, scientists and industry leaders believe the Harper government is missing the boat on "greening" the economy and adopting the wrong policies to address climate change, according to a new international study.

The survey of 5,109 senior stakeholders from government, industry and academia was conducted by McAllister Opinion Research and is one of the largest studies of its kind to assess the opinions of leading government and professional experts.

Out of 4,282 Canadian experts who participated in the survey, which also included U.S. and European experts, 77 per cent rated Canada's efforts at addressing climate change as poor or very poor, while 75 per cent had the same opinion about the country's performance in developing a green economy. The survey results also contrast with recent federal government policies to cancel measures supporting energy efficiency and renewable energy in favour of promoting new technologies that bury greenhouse gas emissions underground.
He'd better start listening to scientists and not Karl Giorno ... Guy Rove? Whatever.

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