Thursday, July 29, 2010

And the Good News is That Tony Clement Now Qualifies for Circus School

With Stephen Harper once again in hiding, leaving someone else to clean up his mess, Tony Clement is showing his true colours.

Yellow being the dominant one.

Left with scripted talking points, Harper's long time adversary Clement, is showing how he operates and it's clearly not very well.

But the good news is, part of the infrastucture spending was for a circus school, so he now has options.
The reviews of his performance – at least from a bevy of political pundits and the opposition – were not good. Maclean’s scribe Scott Feschuk provides a stinging bit of humour under the headline, “The Drowning of Tony Clement’s Credibility.” Noting that, like most Canadians, the minister likes his job and wants to keep it, Mr. Feshuk explains that “Tony Clement must now wake up each morning, walk out into the world and say things that make him sound like a wet-lipped halfwit.”

He adds that Mr. Clement must also “perpetuate a campaign of fear-mongering that even the most dedicated mongers of fear would hesitate to monger: Defenceless grandmothers receive the long form and get a’scared that they will be going to jail!”
I like "wet-lipped halfwit."

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